Fake Prevention Policy:

At C iTech, we take faking resume/ application for employment opportunity or winning a contract/ vendor ship an offense as it, sometimes even impact negatively our relationships with clients and even on delivering quality.

In order to ensure we hire right resources, we have been placed and practicing Fake Prevention Policy.

Under this policy we do thorough back ground verification of any applicant either an individual for job opportunity or an organization who wish to offer their services to us in total 3 stages.

Initial screening of the application and supporting documents

Designate a 3rd party agency to verify the submitted details are correct by contacting the respective companies, organizations, institutes both electronically and by an in person visit.

If any individual or agency found submitted false information in the application or fake documents to support the false information provided in the application, would be booked under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) such as section 420 and also we will inform about these individuals or organizations to the various associations of software companies where most of the software and information enabled services companies are members, associations where back ground verification agencies are members to make sure they will not get any opportunities further besides being brought to the judiciary.

We will also maintain database where in we store the details of the companies and candidates submitted false information, fake documents to make sure they are not going to be considered even in future.

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